Head Chef - وظائف البحرين

JOB DESCRIPTION JOB PURPOSE (Main Purpose of the job, why it exists, how it contributes to the Department end results) Responsible for overall efficiency of kitchen units. This will include food quality, food cost, ensuring high food safety standards, menu enhancement, regular efficiency reviews, manpower planning and employee development. JOB ACCOUNTABILITIES & CURRENT OBJECTIVES (Principal accountabilities the job must achieve, Objectives including KPI's and weighting) No. Job Accountability Area (The areas this job role is accountable for) Objectives for Current Year (Objective and Expected End Result) Weight (%) 1 HSSE & Quality Control Management Work with the restaurants to assist and monitor all related staff are working within government regulatory and Sumo Standards of safety both in the restaurants and whilst representing the brand outside the restaurant premises. 20% 2 Training & Development To keep developing & motivating the staff to ensure both staff & Sumo develops and remains competitive with the latest trends within the industry as per Sumo International Inc. set training guidelines. 20% 3 Food Safety Management - BOH & Sushi Manage & drive internal Food Safety Management System in accordance with food control regulations and carryout branch inspections to ensure compliance of PM / BM tasks in a timely manner. 20% 4 Inventory Management Weekly/ Monthly Food cost reviews & actions. 10% 5 Food Purchase Management Analysis and approve relevant food purchases maintaining par levels. 10% 6 Menu Enhancement & Product Development Contribute new menu ideas to SUMO International Inc. for menu enhancement and product development. 10% 7 Review and Approval of Performance Review - BOH & Sushi Staff retention & recommendations for area of development 10% 8 Employee Productivity Maximization - BOH & Sushi To maximize employee productivity (lead measure for recruitment). With the aid of Balanced scorecard and make corrective measures to maximize productivity and efficiency. 10% Total Weighting % - Must add up to 100% 100% PART II COMMUNICATION & WORKING RELATIONSHIPS (People & levels & reasons within and outside the Company with which the job has to interact) Work Relationships 1. Title Kitchen Supervisor Nature Conduct regular inspection of PM/BM Task and audit the relevant checklists, stock cards and evaluate Employee Performance. 2. Title Supplier Nature Coordinate with supplier to maintain availability of stock, information of new or alternative item and provide feedback regarding quality, if any. 3. Title Restaurant Manager Nature Work closely with Restaurant Manager to follow up work order, consistency in order accuracy, investigate any complaint or feedback and action plan or any upcoming marketing campaign and product mix. 4. Title Operations Manager Nature Conduct performance reviews, create an action plan on any upcoming trainings, make sure consistency in supplies and revaluate any staff requirement may needed maintain high productivity. 5. Title SUMO International Nature Works closely with SUMO International in developing the menu according to needs of business and reviews the SOC Process. 6. Title Customer Nature Get the feedback or suggestions from customers in regards to food. 7. Title Accounting Nature Provide necessary invoices and other relevant reports.

Apparel Group
البحرين, Bahrain
برجاء الانتباه عند التقديم لاي وظيفة فالوظائف الحقيقية لا يطلب اصحابها اي اموال مقابل التقديم واذا كانت الشركة المعلنة شركة استقدام برجاء التأكد من هويتها وسمعتها قبل دفع أي مبالغ أو عمولات والموقع غير مسؤول عن أي تعاملات تحدث من خلال الوظائف المعنلة

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