HOUSEKEEPER - وظائف الرياض, السعودية

Summary Performs a variety of cleaning operations to maintain assigned areas in a clean, orderly and attractive condition.Essential Responsibilities and Duties Cleans assigned area according to prescribed procedures. Cleans spillagesusing appropriate PPE and disinfectant precautions per IPP. Cleans and makes up beds in prescribed manner on discharge. Ensures thatmaterials, consumables and machinery from the Housekeeping Storeroom are used correctly and economically. Reports anymechanical failures, maintenance discrepancies, unsafe conditions in his/her assigned area to the Supervisor. Moves patient room furniture to I from storage area as instructed by the Supervisor. Returns anddemonstrateshow to apply and remove Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)used for various types of isolation precautions. Returns anddemonstrates when to use and how to apply alcohol based hand rub agents (ABHR). Identifies the cleanliness of high touch areas and can be demonstrated by objective means (e.g. use of ATP) monitoring devices. Returns anddemonstrates how to use soap and water and how to apply. Returns anddemonstrates how to apply an N95 personal respirator and how to perform a fit check. Education Experience Required No experience is required.Other Requirements(Certificates) Fluent bilingual Arabic/English is required.

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre
Sales/Business Development
السعودية, الرياض ,Saudi Arabia
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