IMS Engineer

Hiring IMS Engineer - Dubai. Qualifications • Bachelor’s/Diploma Degree Civil/Process Engineer • Minimum experience of 510 years in QHSE systems in projects • Ability to work as part of a team and work independently. • Good knowledge of written and verbal English, • Ability to operate effectively in a multinational, multicultural work environment. • Excellent Microsoft Office skills, Bizagi is a plus. • Lead Auditor • CQI certification is a plus • NEBOSH certification is a plus. Responsibilities • Assist the QSMS manager in maintaining the company’s integrated management system. • Perform internal audits in corporate processes, opening and accompanying non-conformities and opportunities for improvement • Compilate the data related to the KPIs of the IMS Department, performing analysis to feed the annual Managing Meeting. • Create training materials related to QSMS themes, prepare the annual training schedule. • Conduct QSMS training at corporate level. • Help corporate departments keep their processes and procedures up to date, as well as records and forms controlled. • Assist the operational QSMS team in the implementation of IMS in projects. • Perform analysis of corporate processes, promoting improvements that add value and ensure quality in the execution of routines. • Assist the QSMS Manager in the external audit process of certification maintenance and recertification, as well as audits performed by our clients. • Assist the Business & Growth department in registering or updating client websites, requirements related to QSMS. • Assist the QSMS Manager in the implementation of regulatory systems necessary for the development of the company. • Assist the QSMS Manager in maintaining the change management process. • Maintain the evidence file of compliance with legal requirements applicable to the company. • Contribute QHSE Deliverables for Tender Technical Submission. • Responsible for incorporating Company policies and procedures within the ERP Application. • Responsible for the administration of the Quality Committees. APPLY HERE

Hadad Boutros
الامارات, دبي
يحدد عند المقابلة
دوام كامل
غير محدد
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