DCS Specialist

mohamed abo-elhamd
هندسة وإنشاءات
العراق, بغداد
يحدد عند المقابلة
Job Description: He takes care of the DCS and ensure the system efficiency and operability. Duties : Perform work online in the fieldbus, industrial Ethernet, process automation, process safety management (fire and gas protection and detection system), automation engineering (e.g. software debugging), process automation technologies and industrial automation systems and ability to perform maintenance (repair, calibrations, set-up automatic control systems, isolations, etc.) works including the cards, equipment, various field devices, etc. Investigation of fault/failure and suggest/recommend proper modification, rectification, etc. as solutions and future prevention. Assist in the integration of new plant facilities, equipment, and modifications in the DCS and ICSS systems. Assist in the selection and requisition of appropriate and correct materials. Take all necessary actions to collect interesting present information and data that are useful and could be reference for better working methods in the Plant. Experiences / Skills: Bachelor in industrial engineering or High diploma in Technological school supported with specialized training and courses. Fluent English language. Computer literate At least with 10 years’ experience in his line of profession and actual experience in oil & gas industry. Recruiting has to privilege the experience and knowledge on the specific OEM equipment installed on the field, the capability on reading, interpreting technical drawings, P&IDs;, cause and effect matrix and various flow charts. Contact us : WhatsApp number : 01118999875 Email : Tele : 0237484643 0233365648

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