mohamed abo-elhamd
هندسة وإنشاءات
العراق, العراق
يحدد عند المقابلة
دوام كامل
لا يشترط
Job Description : Maintenance Helper will be responsible for providing assistance to the maintaining of the facility including the repair and maintenance of all issues identified as either technical or non-technical, and will assist as necessary and/or assigned, all required maintenance functions. Duties : Duties may involve but not limited to: welding; machining; carpentry; painting; plumbing, mechanical equipment; installing, aligning, and balancing new equipment; and repairing buildings, floors, or stairs to support the maintenance and repair of company buildings and grounds including janitorial duties Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work assignments Performs minor troubleshooting and repairs to doors (locks/hinges/bolts), cabinets, desks, closets etc Reports mechanical malfunctions to appropriate party for action Moves and assists in moving furniture and equipment at various facilities/sites; sets up and breaks down office Annotates and updates work logs for specific site requirements Maintains clean, safe, and orderly work sites Experiences / Skills : Any combination of education, training, and/or experience which demonstrates ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as described including related work experience Knowledge of standard practices and tools used in facility maintenance Basic knowledge of the following trades: carpentry, plumbing, painting, grounds keeping, appliance repair Knowledge of safety practices and procedures related to the building trades Contact us : واتس آب number : 01118999875 Email : Tele : 0237484643 0233365648

برجاء الانتباه عند التقديم لاي وظيفة فالوظائف الحقيقية لا يطلب اصحابها اي اموال مقابل التقديم واذا كانت الشركة المعلنة شركة استقدام برجاء التأكد من هويتها وسمعتها قبل دفع أي مبالغ أو عمولات والموقع غير مسؤول عن أي تعاملات تحدث من خلال الوظائف المعنلة

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