Civil Inspection Engineer - وظائف ابو ظبى, الإمارات

General Description of Role & Responsibilities: Make sure that any activity offered for his inspection has an approved shop drawing, method statement (MS), Quality Control Procedure (QCP) and Inspection & Test Plan (ITP). Carry out all planned site inspections as per the intervention points marked in the relevant ITP. All site inspection shall be carried out vide an official Inspection and Test request (ITR) submitted by the CONTRACTOR through the proper channels. Inspection status shall be recorded in the ITR and any relevant check sheet as per the approved QCP. Any outstanding items shall be verified prior to closing the ITR. In the event that CONTRACTOR excludes an item from an ITR, the item will be dealt with/inspected utilising the ITR from which the item was excluded. Verify with Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL) that all relevant test results related to specific ITR meet the project requirements. In the event he notices that the relevant Shop Drawing, materials used, MS, QCP and ITP do not cover all specification requirements, he should report the same in writing to the Construction Manager and the Senior Discipline Engineer. Copy of such report shall be forwarded to the COMPANY project manager. Closely monitor site activities to ensure the quality of work complies with contract requirements, good construction practice, only approved materials are used, compliance with shop drawings, and report to Senior Structural Engineer/ Construction Manager. Make sure that all materials used comply with the approved Material Approval Request (MAR). Make sure that the CONTRACTOR’s personnel are using the latest edition of the approved shop drawings, MS, QCP and ITP as per the project master index. Closely monitor concrete pours and check continuously concrete materials delivered to site, ensure compliance with QA/QC procedures, and ensure all concrete tests are carried out as per contract requirements. Frequently check formwork/shuttering systems and ensure quality, safety and constructability aspects are met. Make sure that any non-conformity has been reported through a Non-Conformance Report (NCR), reviewed by his line supervisor. (Construction supervisor / Construction Manager as applicable). All NCRs shall be coordinated with the PMT Senior Quality Assurance Engineer. Advise Planning Engineer and Construction Manager of any slippage of Progress regarding site activities. Participate with PMC disciplines in reviewing the Close-out Report as submitted by the Contractor.

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هندسة وإنشاءات
الإمارات, ابو ظبى
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